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Divinely Aligned 

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Association of Christian Broadcasters, ACB is an internet broadcasting radio station on the World Wide Web.

ACB is  "Divinely Aligned." as a Marketplace Ministry, a Church without walls, extending from Memphis to the World! 

We are committed to broadcasting information and offering practical applications for the heart and soul of people worldwide! The Association consists of Christian Counselors, Family and Relationship Counselors, and Creation Therapists.

We specialize in programs targeted to "Caregivers" of persons challenged by diseases of the brain such as Bipolar, Schizophrenia, Post Traumatic Stress and other prominent mental disorders affecting society.


Through the National Alliance on Mental Illness' "With Hope In Mind" program, Dr. Bethel teaches and facilitates classes and support groups throughout the Memphis Metropolitan area. He also speaks to groups and organizations interested in learning more about the challenges confronting mental health in America. 

In addition, the Association of Christian Broadcasters is a group of professional electronic media specialists that write, and produce feature films designed to educate and motivate individuals to become active in helping to remove the stigmas behind the mental challenge.

Not only do we serve through holistic programs, but we demonstrate the principles we proclaim through counseling, therapy and prayer.  


Please call for prices, availability and more information.

      Dr. Roger C.  Bethel 

Program Director/Certified Counselor:

Memphis to the world 

       From the foundation
       to the ceiling